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Pain and Gain




I can’t remember how I found this story, but it is amazing. The incidents covered occurred during the early to mid 90s, and the Miami New Times article was published in 1999. The story is about the manager, some employees and members of a body building and gym club in Miami who move into violent crime to make some extra money.

The team are ruthless but amateur criminals, and the story has many dark comedic moments. I was thinking while reading the story that it would make an amazing film, or full-length book – and it turns out that Michael Bay (of Transformers and Explosions fame) bought the rights to the story years ago, and plans on adapting it into a movie.

I am not sure if he is the right director for this project, it is probably better suited to the Cohen brothers, or Tarrantino, but if he adapts it to a film and keeps it true to the real story, while making it a dark and surreal comedy, it should be a great film.

They were local bodybuilders with a penchant for steroids, strippers, and quick cash. And they became expert in the use of a peculiar motivational tool: Torture

The story is very long but well worth the read. It is a lot stranger than fiction, and there isn’t a lot of coverage of the story or the future fate of many of the main characters online. Divided into three parts, I have linked to the printer friendly version: